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Center for Data Solutions


Data Analytics for Healthcare Research

The Center for Data Solutions was created in 2019 to respond to the changing health sciences research landscape. Our mission is to support and generate health sciences research that is innovative and transformative.

Rapid advances in technology and data sciences now require sophisticated technical and analytical support for health sciences research and medicine in general. Moreover, this era of increasing technological sophistication still requires strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Motivated by those and other opportunities, the Center for Data Solutions is specifically designed to meet those needs and adapt to future advancements and priorities. Through our three hubs (Advanced Analytics, Epidemiology, and Biostatistics), we offer customer-oriented analytic services that generate high-quality, efficient results for investigators, healthcare stakeholders, and most importantly, patients and our community.

Our Stats

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To get started with our services please email us or submit a portal request (UF only). We typically respond within 1 business day to schedule a free one hour consultation via Zoom. Following that consultation we will provide you with a not-to-exceed estimate for your project. Our rates are highly competitive with other academic institutions.

For unfunded projects we offer a one hour free consultation and resources linked below.


Supporting Research At Every Stage

From Design to Analysis to Translation


We're available for consultation to discuss ideas and study design.


From qualitative coding to neural networks, our analysts have the technical skills to support your research

Data Visualization

Get your research noticed and implemented! Data visualization is key for dissemination and translation.

Our Team

Biostatistics. Epidemiology. Advanced Analytics.

Our three hubs cover a broad spectrum of research and data science. From clinical trials study design to accessioning data from the electronic medical record, to natural language processing and other machine learning techniques, our analysts are here to partner with you on transformative research.



Let’s Work Together

655 West 11th St., Suite 206

Jacksonville, FL 32209

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